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The following attempts to make copies of a list of directories. It doesn't copy anything. Are filelists not permitted to reference directories?

<macrodef name="collect-services-from-build-tree">
    <attribute name="src" default="NOT SET"/>
    <attribute name="target" default="NOT SET"/>
        <property name="src" value="@{src}"/>
        <property name="target" value="@{target}"/>
        <filelist id="packages" dir="${src}">
           <!-- more like this -->
            <file name="interface/ui/ui-server/target/ui-install"/>
        <delete dir="${target}" quiet="true"/>
        <mkdir dir="${target}"/>
        <copy todir="${target}">
            <filelist id="packages"/>
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Try changing :

        <copy todir="${target}">
            <filelist id="packages"/>

Into :

    <copy todir="${target}">
        <filelist refid="packages"/>
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