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I have added force_ssl in my ApplicationController, and deleted later, but now, every request is prompoted to https now. I have tried to add config.force_ssl = false to all the configuration files in application.rb and environments/development.rb, etc,, but does work, when I reboot the server, the request are still converted to https. Any clue?

Updates: This happens only when I request the root of the application, e.g. http://localhost:3000/, however in my config/routes.rb file I have specified the url for the root clearly: root :to => 'home#index'

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You're seeing the effects of HTTP Strict Transport Security's max-age, which is set by Rack::SSL (which config.force_ssl = true sets up) to something high.

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You are correct, and @Adrein_Lamonthe answer to clear the browser cache it made the config.force_ssl = false app changes effective on my computer –  railrailrail Mar 6 '13 at 20:10

In addition to rebooting your app, you also have to clear the browser cache.

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yfeldblum is absolutely correct. Disabling it and making chrome forget the header can be a pain.

Here's what I ended up putting in my config/application.rb

config.middleware.insert_before(Rack::Lock, Rack::SSL, hsts: false, exclude: proc { |env|

** note A: hsts: false is the critical bit

** note B: I'm using 1.9, so my hash syntax might be different than yours.

Beyond that, I had to open this url in Chrome chrome://net-internals/#hsts and remove the domains that had this header set.

Thankfully this didn't make it to production, because Rack::SSL sets a very long expires on this header.

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For those who it's still unclear, here is what I did to do the trick.

In application_controller.rb :

before_filter :expire_hsts

  def expire_hsts
    response.headers["Strict-Transport-Security"] = 'max-age=0'

In production.rb

config.force_ssl = false

Clear the cache of your web browser and that's it !

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