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I need a python system information library which

a) is written in python (no C extensions, may use ctypes)

b) is crossplatform (min. Linux, Windows, MacOSX - everything else is bonus)

c) provides at least amount of physically installed RAM, number of CPUs, size of maximum usable shared memory)

Is there such a library, or do I have to develop it by myself?

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Since Windows is non-standard and Linux is standardized, the general answer is "no". All system information cannot be truly and completely cross-platform.

Some concepts ("maximum usable shared memory" -- whatever that is) may not map cleanly between Windows and Linux. If there's no equivalent concept in another OS, then, there can't be a cross-platform definition.

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I know, that portability between windows and linux is only possible in a limited way. But total RAM and number of processors is fairly similar between both systems. For other values either an equivalent or the access to OS specific information is enough for my purposes. – Mauli Apr 26 '09 at 12:50

Have a look at these two modules:

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both are using C extensions which is not what I want. – Mauli Apr 26 '09 at 12:44

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