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Using FakeItEasy, I am trying to capture the setting of a property value on a fake object:

First the interface:

interface ISomeInterface
    int MyProperty {get;set;}

Then a fragment of unit test:

var myObject = A.Fake<ISomeInterface>();

int saved = 0;
A.CallTo (() => myObject.MyProperty).Invokes (x => saved = ?????);

SomeMethod (myObject);
Assert.That (saved, Is.EqualTo (100));

And having

void SomeMethod (ISomeInterface intf)
    intf.MyProperty = 100;

I don't know what to put to replace the ?????

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var myObject = A.Fake<ISomeInterface>();

SomeMethod (myObject);
Assert.That (saved.MyProperty, Is.EqualTo(100));
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Regarding the second part of your answer, I want the fake object to actually return the value 100 so that other classes using this interface would use that value. I concede that my example was not clear enough. ;) –  Stécy Oct 28 '11 at 12:25
Well, there are two ways, either A.CallTo (() => myObject.MyProperty).Returns(100); or just myObject.MyProperty = 100;. –  Patrik Hägne Oct 28 '11 at 13:14

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