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I have made this nice little table:



    <title>Test Page</title>

            padding: 1px 20px;
            padding: 1px 20px;
            padding: 1px 20px;  


            <cfinput type="checkbox" name="filters" value="blue" checked="yes">  Blue
            <br />
            <br />
            <cfinput type="checkbox" name="filters" value="red" checked="yes">  Red
        <cfdiv id="content" bind="cfc:TestCFC.displayTable({filters})"></cfdiv>



        remote function displayTable(filters){
            var html = "";
            var data = ArrayNew(1);

            data[1] = 1;
            data[2] = 2;
            data[3] = 3;
            data[4] = 4;

            html = html & "<table>";
            for(row = 0; row < 4; row++){

                html = html & "<tr>";

                for(column = 0; column < 2; column++){
                    html = html & '<td class="' & getCSS(data[row + 1], filters) & '">' & data[row + 1] & '</td>';

                html = html & "</tr>";
            return html;


        private function getCSS(value, filters){

            if(isIn("blue", filters) and value LTE 2)
                return "blue";  
            else if(isIn("red", filters) and value GTE 3)
                return "red";
                return "blank";

        private function isIn(item, list){
            var array = ListToArray(list);

            for(ndx = 1; ndx LTE ArrayLen(array); ndx += 1)
                if(array[ndx] EQ item)
                    return True;
            return False;   


this works fine in FireFox but not so well in Internet Explorer, (hint: to get it to respond in IE you have to click an additional time somewhere on the screen)

IE version 7.0.6002.18005 ColdFusion 9

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I found my own answer. Change

<cfdiv id="content" bind="cfc:TestCFC.displayTable({filters})"></cfdiv>


<cfdiv id="content" bind="cfc:TestCFC.displayTable(filters={filters@click})"></cfdiv>

here's the post that got me pointed in the right direction.

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Make sure you mark this as the accepted answer so no one else tries to answer the question. –  Dan Short Oct 31 '11 at 13:53

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