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I am very new to drupal and need some assistance. I created a view for a news blog. I want members to be able to be able to create news blogs, which would have to go through an approval process before being displayed. I wanted to add a button called "create" or whatnot to my view which would allow the user to submit a news blog entry that would go to an approval queue to allow a moderator to edit before publishing. This is not a regular blog (which don't need moderated). It is specific to a "news blog" which is how we are referring to it. What is the best way of accomplishing this work flow and how would I go about creating the button?

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In Views, you have the option of adding a header and/or footer to your view. It gives you a textarea which you select what filter you want to use (Full HTML, PHP code, etc). I would suggest utilizing a header/footer and adding an image as a simple HTML link to the blog creation page.

As for your workflow, I would suggest taking a look at:

Here is an example to get a workflow going with the Rules module: http://drupal.org/node/550716

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