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I have a live IDevicePtr, (IDevice is a COM component).

I call a method ("get_DeviceEvents") on it to get its events interface, so now I have a live "IDeviceEvents" object. This object has the following interface:

IDeviceEvents : IDispatch
    // Raw methods provided by interface

      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_TalkPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_TalkPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_ButtonPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_ButtonPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_MuteStateChanged (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_MuteStateChanged (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_AudioStateChanged (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_AudioStateChanged (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_FlashPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_FlashPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall add_SmartPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall remove_SmartPressed (
        /*[in]*/ IUnknown * value ) = 0;
      virtual HRESULT __stdcall SetInputReport (
        /*[in]*/ SAFEARRAY * reportBuffer ) = 0;

Say I wanted to intercept the MuteStateChanged event in my application. How do I do that? I can call "add_MuteStateChanged". I assume it's some sort of Event handler adding method. What's the payload I should use? I have a local IDispatch derived object ready to intercept any event with:

STDMETHOD(Invoke)(DISPID dispidMember, REFIID riid,
        LCID lcid, WORD wFlags, DISPPARAMS* pdispparams, VARIANT* pvarResult,
        EXCEPINFO* pexcepinfo, UINT* puArgErr)
        // ALL I want is to get here when some event in IDeviceEvents is fired.
        return S_OK;

Background: I've been trying for days now to receive a COM event in a non MFC/ATL C++ Win32 application. It has turned out to be the most difficult task i've ever had to accomplish, time wise.

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It is not a "standard" events implementation. Typically, event source object would expose IConnectionPointContainer, IConnectionPoint etc. Your interface more looks like implementing events in a different way.

It seems to be expecting you to provide your sink explicitly for events of interest. Note that while this is not a typical COM approach, the whole thing is highly specific to event source implementation. The interface definition does not suggest what exactly interface is expected in add_MuteStateChanged argument.

You can do the following. Pass your COM object as an argument to add_MuteStateChanged. IDispatch implementation will do fine, it can be actually any COM object - the point here is that it's your code and you can trace all calls on this interface pointer. Check if your event source is querying any interfaces off this IUnknown. It should be calling IUnknown::QueryInterface immediately or later at the time of event. Having intercepted it, you will see what interface is actually being queried.

If it would be IDispatch, the event is likely to be delivered via IDispatch::Invoke. Otherwise it is likely to be an interface you need to implement directly.

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