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I built a flash audio player using the NetStream functions in flash and Icecast-kh with AAC+ encapsulated into FLV.

It works just fine in Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer. In Firefox it's highly depending on who's currently visiting the player site. I don't have problems myself, but some people can't get the player to output any sound. It plays for about 5 seconds and then returns to silence. If you leave it running, you'll notice intervals of another 5 seconds of music interrupting the silence from time to time.

Tested in Firefox 7.0.1, Adobe Flash Player on a Desktop computer running XP => not working
Tested in Firefox 7.0.1, Adobe Flash Player on a Laptop in the same house running XP => works fine from time to time, but not always
Tested in Firefox 8.0b, Adobe Flash Player on a Desktop running win 7 => Works fine Tested in Firefox 7.0.1, Adobe Flash Player on a Laptop running Win7 => Works fine

No idea what might cause that issue...

Here's a link to the test player:

This would be my actionscript sourcecode:

package {
import flash.display.Sprite;
import fl.controls.Slider;
import flash.display.SimpleButton;
import flash.display.MovieClip;

public class Player extends Sprite {
    private var streamaddress:String = "";
    private var connection:NetConnection;
    private var stream:NetStream;
    public var btnPlayPause:MovieClip;
    public var btnMute:SimpleButton;
    public var slider:Slider;
    private var isPaused:Boolean = false;
    private var isConnected:Boolean = false;        
    private var soundVolume:SoundTransform = new;
    private var mutedVolume:Number;
    var config:XML = new XML(); 
    var XML_URL:String = "config.xml"; 
    var myXMLURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest(XML_URL); 
    var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(myXMLURL); 

    function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void 
        config = XML(; 
        streamaddress = config.streamaddress;
        if (config.autoplay == 'yes') {
            btnPlayPauseClick(new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.CLICK));

    public function Player() {
        myLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoaded); 
        btnPlayPause.addEventListener(, btnPlayPauseClick);
        btnMute.addEventListener(, btnMuteClick);
        slider.addEventListener(SliderEvent.CHANGE, sliderChanged);

    private function btnPlayPauseClick( {

        trace('Button clicked');
        trace('isConnected: ' + isConnected);
        trace('isPaused: ' + isPaused);
        trace('stream active: ' + (stream != null));

        if(isPaused) {
            if (stream != null) {
                isPaused = false;
        else if(!isPaused && isConnected) {
            if (stream != null && !isPaused) {
                isPaused = true;
        else {
            isConnected = false;
            connection = new NetConnection();
            connection.addEventListener(, netStatusHandler);
            connection.addEventListener(, securityErrorHandler);

            isConnected = connection.connected; 
            while (isConnected == false) {
                isConnected = connection.connected;

    private function sliderChanged(event:SliderEvent):void {
        soundVolume.volume = / 100;
        trace('soundVolume.volume = ' + soundVolume.volume);
        stream.soundTransform = soundVolume;

    private function btnMuteClick( {
        if (soundVolume.volume > 0) {
            mutedVolume = soundVolume.volume;
            soundVolume.volume = 0;
            slider.enabled = false;
        else {
            soundVolume.volume = mutedVolume;
            slider.enabled = true;

        slider.value = soundVolume.volume * 100;
        trace("slider.value: " + slider.value);
        stream.soundTransform = soundVolume;

    private function netStatusHandler(event:NetStatusEvent):void {
        switch ( {
            case "NetConnection.Connect.Success":
            case "NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound":
                trace("Stream not found: " + streamaddress);

    private function securityErrorHandler(event:SecurityErrorEvent):void {
        trace("securityErrorHandler: " + event);

    private function connectStream():void {
        stream = new NetStream(connection);
        stream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler);
        stream.bufferTime = 5;
        stream.client = new Object();
        soundVolume.volume = 1;;
        stream.soundTransform = soundVolume;
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Do you have the issue when running the encapsulated from a local source? This kind of problem is usually due to either an embedding issue or a server issue. The action script code is platform independent. I would verify that the browser with the issue is not having the same issue with a local file first. – The_asMan Oct 26 '11 at 22:25
Your buffer time is set for 5 seconds that is why sometimes you get 5 seconds of play time. your issue here is the server is only letting me download it at 8KB/sec – The_asMan Oct 26 '11 at 22:38
What's so strange is the problem only exists in Firefox and not in any other browser. Also it only exists on certain computers with firefox, I couldn't see a system behind that. If it were about the data rate of the server being too low, problems would occur in other browsers and standalone media players as well, but they don't occur there. – Mastacheata Nov 2 '11 at 14:18
@The_asMan 8KB/s == 64 kbit/s which is exactly what the stream is supposed to send. Sending faster would be unreasonable and impossible, since the streamserver itself is only sourced at 64kbit/s – Mastacheata Nov 2 '11 at 14:28
Well in IE I got better rates. I am 99% certain the issue is with your server/connection/ISP. – The_asMan Nov 2 '11 at 15:45

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