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I have an iPhone app named XXXX-YYYY, now i have built a separate iPad version of this program, not a universal, and my idea was to name it XXXX-iPad-YYY. This was rejected due to the "iPad" piece in the name.

May i ask for some advice how you would name the iPad version as i cannot use the same name as the iPhone version, tried that, and i cannot use "iPad" in the name.

I have checked around a bit but not found anything useful.

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Look in the App store for example names the Apple has previously approved, such as with the "HD" suffix. Or Apple may allow "... for iPad" as a suffix in some cases.

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HD is the most often used way around this; however, if you want your users to truly love you, go universal with an in-app purchase for upgraded iPad features if you simply must. – Joe McMahon Oct 26 '11 at 22:09

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