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I seem to have a problem when using PostgreSQL as persistent solution for Yesod.

I followed the steps in the 'Yesod in five minutes' guide.

I used the scaffolder to create a a project. When choosing option t, all went well and I could see the application at: http://localhost:3000.

However, when I choose PostgreSQL as database, I got the following error after typing the 'yesod devel' command

Registering FirstYesod-0.0.0...
Starting development server...
Starting devel application
devel.hs: InvalidYaml (Just "YamlException \"Yaml file not found: config/postgres.yml\"")
Devel application launched, listening on port 3000
Exit code: ExitFailure 11

Is this Yaml file something that should have been added by me, or should the installation process have provided it? If so, does anyone have any idea why it wasn't created?

I use PostgreSQL 8.4.9. It works fine with psql and with PGAdmin III

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If you look you'll see the generated yml and the opened file have different names:

devel.hs: InvalidYaml (Just "YamlException \"Yaml file not found: config/postgres.yml\"")


$ ls config
favicon.ico  models  postgresql.yml  routes  settings.yml

So just copy (or move) the file:

$ cp config/postgresql.yml config/postgres.yml

Now you get a new error that is postgresql specific:

devel.hs: SqlError {seState = "", seNativeError = 1, seErrorMsg = "connectPostgreSQL: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user \"B\"\nFATAL:  password authentication failed for user \"B\"\n"}

I'm not a DB person, but if you know the answer to this one (in terms of what commands to type after running psql) then I'm all ears ;-).

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It means that you need to create the database with the specified username/password. Also, I've opened a Github issue for this bug: github.com/yesodweb/yesod/issues/167 – Michael Snoyman Oct 28 '11 at 3:20
What I did to get everything working: I created a project in yesod called rj. Then, in postres I created a user rj (CREATE USER rj;), and a database called rj (CREATE DATABASE rj WITH OWNER rj). Note that the lowercase is important, because I couldn't get Postgres to create a database name containing uppercase characters. It would be nice to know where in the Heskell source the connection is made, because I would have liked to get uppercase characters in the project name. Anyway, thanks for the help already. – user1013013 Oct 28 '11 at 19:59

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