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I have the following spec:

it "deletes post", :js => true do 
page.status_code.should = '404'


The page.status_code line is giving me this error:


How do I check the page's status code?

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status_code is not currently supported by the Selenium driver. You will need to write a different test to check the response status code.

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As an aside. This line

page.status_code.should = '404'

Should be

page.status_code.should == 404

This worked for me with capybara-webkit.

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Either switch to another driver (like rack-test) for that test, or test that the displayed page is the 404 page (should have content 'Not Found' in h1).

As @eugen said, Selenium doesn't support status codes.

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Selenium web driver doest not implement status_code and there is no direct way to test response_code with selenium (developer's choice).

To test it I added in my layout/application.html.erb:

<html code="<%= response.try(:code) if defined?(response) %>">[...]</html>

And then in my test:

def no_error?
  response_code = page.first('html')[:code]
  assert (response_code == '200'), "Response code should be 200 : got #{response_code}"
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