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So today I can create a website using VS and drag and drop some ugly outdated buttons and form elements (e.g. that standard grey button, and square non styled text boxes and drop downs). I know you could replace a button with a graphic, but im no graphic designer. I want to be able to download and install some free plugin/extension that will give me a bunch of different "cool" looking options for buttons (and all the other standard form controls). So in short, I dont need new controls per say (though they are welcome and encouraged as well) but rather, I simply want a bunch of different "cool looking" visual options for the existing .net form controls, so I can make a website that doesn't look like its 90's.

I use vs 05 and 08.

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for free controls have a look at codeplex:



for commercial level controls, Telerik, DevExpress, Infragistics...

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