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Is it possible to do PyS60 development on Mac OS X? There is an XCode-plugin for Symbian C++ -development, but I don't know whether I can create Python-apps for my Nokia phone with that. I'm talking about a more thorough SDK experience than just editing files with Textmate/Emacs and copying them over to the device.

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I'd recommend you add PuTools to your development environment. It allows you to easily sync files between the phone and the computer, and gives you a remote shell with more functions than the default Bluetooth shell.

The "official" PuTools instructions are written for Windows machines, but the tools definitely does work on the Mac as well. These instructions should help.

(As a new user, I can only post one link. If you're looking for the original PuTools website, it's an easy Google search. Good luck! )

EDIT: A warning if you're using PyS60 v2.x on your Symbian device: Unfortunately PuTools hasn't been updated for PyS60 v2. :(

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+1 for this -- putools works really well! You will have code running in the phone a few seconds (/keypresses) after writing it in your favorite editor. If you insist on having an SDK you might not want to go into PyS60 development at all. ;) –  Asmo Soinio May 6 '10 at 14:08

Well, with python on phone all you need to do is be able to upload the scripts, and use MWS that's the simplest way. MWS supports webdav for upload, also one can use obexftp and bluetooth to drop the scripts in the right place.

One can also wrap them in SIS files in theory, but I haven't done that myself yet.

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I quess running Python scripts in an emulator under OS X is not possible? –  auramo Apr 26 '09 at 14:47
Not sure, if S60 emulator is available, one could in theory. I know it's not on Linux ;). –  ewanm89 Apr 26 '09 at 15:13

I use the komodo edit 5 editor on the mac and point it to the nokia appfwui classes, then the editor will autcomplete the Nokia Pys60 apis for you.

I also use the steps given below to copy the script onto the device to test it (as the emulator is not runnable on mac os x)


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S60 emulator runs only under Windows, so Mac owners run it under emulator. Heard that it works great.

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