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I am invoking a Servlet which is running in a Websphere 6.1 using the following encoded UTF-8 URL:

Then when I get the request parameter using req.getParameter("first"); from my servlet the value is: ã instead of .

What am I missing? Why am I getting that character?

It appears as if Websphere is applying an invalid character encoding to the query parameter.

When I do the same test with Jetty it work as expected.

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in your HTTP request, add the "Content-Type" header. Set it to the proper MIME value (text/xml, text/plain, etc), then specify the encoding, like so:

application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8

WebSphere 7 properly parses our UTF-8 encoded parameters using this. Should probably work for 6.1 too.

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