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Does anyone know of a plugin that does this? It was pretty easy to find in TextMate, but so far no luck for Sublime 2 (which I much prefer).

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Try SublimeLinter . I'm using it for Python, but it supports Ruby too.

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A Sublime Text 2 plugin which validates Ruby syntax (though it's not its core feature) is RubyTest, with the Alt-Shift-V keyboard shortcut.

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I've not used TextMate so I'm not sure how they accomplish it however you could either write a plugin for sublime text 2 to accomplish this. It's pretty easy to write a plugin in Sublime Text 2 and the site has some good documentation.

I however use Guard ( ) and have it fire off events when a file is saved. Usually I'm using rspec, cucumber or both and have it run the tests against that specific file, you could have it run "ruby -c your_file.rb" which checks the syntax. Good benefit of this is you can have it setup growl notifications.

It does sound like a plugin is your best bet however.


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That's actually a good idea. The plugins for sublime are built around python, which I am unfamiliar with. The growl/guard idea I think I can make work though. – Jeremy Smith Oct 27 '11 at 20:32

I created a simple RubyCheckOnSave plugin for Sublime Text 2, the plugin checks the syntax of ruby files when they're saved.

Try and let me know

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