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In facebook developers api page it says:

A Page in the Graph API.

The fields shown below are some of the common fields of Facebook Pages. Pages may also contain other (or additional) category-specific fields.

Does anyone know how to retrieve those additional category-specific fields???

I´ve been looking on Internet but not a clue :-(

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The doc for the facebook 'page' table shows fields and lists what category of page they are available to:


For example, the band pages have a 'band_members' field that no other page type has. You should also check out Facebook Graph API batch requests which you can use to query for something and use the result in a second request using JSONPath notation. Do a search on this page for JSONPath and you'll see it near the bottom under the 'Specifying dependencies between operations in the request' section:


Hope that helps!


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Perfect. Cheers mate!!! – Rolo Tomasi Oct 28 '11 at 15:19

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