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I am using Nginx and FastCGI to accept POSTs to a C based CGI program as an API. It works fine, so now I want to have the client use a key to identify itself, like key:pass@api.sample.com.

When I turn on auth_basic in the nginx config file, and specify an auth_basic_user_file, it requires the user to be in the file. This doesn't work for me - I don't want to maintain an htpasswd file for every key I create. I really want to just pass the key:pass to my cgi program to handle it. Rails (passenger) does this somehow, so I know it is possible.

Is there some kind of rewrite, or something I can do to pass at least the key (username, or $remote_user) portion to my cgi program?


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As far as I know, Basic auth can't be customised this way, so you need to use something external. Here you can find something useful.

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