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I hover over the button and it hopefully outputs the value of the radio button into a paragraph below. I tried the below code but it's not working. I was hoping 'this' as the ID would mean the ID of what element activated the event.

function showDegree() {

    var classInput = document.getElementById(this).value;

    document.getElementById('classOutput').innerHTML = classInput;
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In your posted code, "this" refers to the current scope, which would be the function showDegree. If you want to have a reference back to the element that threw the event:

Try this:

function showDegree(evt) {
    var event  = window.event || evt;
    var source = || event.srcElement;

    document.getElementById('classOutput').innerHTML = source.value;

Then your event listener can be called like so:

<input type="radio" name="degree" value="some value" onmouseover="showDegree(event)" />
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