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I have a property file placed in the etc folder. "myapplication.properties" and few other property files in each sub module.. i am try to do the following

  <bean class="org.springframework.web.context.support.ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
<property name="searchContextAttributes" value="true"/>
<property name="contextOverride" value="true"/>
<property name="ignoreResourceNotFound" value="true"/>
<property name="locations">

 <bean class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
<property name="ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders" value="true"/>

I am trying to do mvn -Dconfig=~/my.properties jetty:run

The properties are read from application.properties but not for config..

While running application i get the ${jdbc.url} not correct .. This url is present in my.properties .. How can this be achieved ?


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This is what i had, to run it

<bean id="placeholderConfigConfig" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
<property name="systemPropertiesModeName">
<property name="ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders">

    <property name="location" value="file:${config}" />

And add -Dconfig=/var//my.properties in the MAVEN_OPTS.. and did mvn jetty:run

Another one line solution i found.. instead of making verbose configuration just do

 <context:property-placeholder location="file:${config}"/> 
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I think this feature becomes available in spring 3.1 via the new Environment abstraction. See the following spring blog for details:


If spring 3.1 is not an option you can hard-code the filename and path in the spring xml configuration file to some well-known location and then developers can symlink against it.

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