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Hello I have a listview set up with an icon to the left of each row using a row.xml. When the activity is started i would like to have one icon but when a the menu is opened and an item there is selected i want to change the icon in just one position. For example

I Cat
I Dog
I Mouse
I Food

Where I is my icon and the rest then the rest is my list i would like to change just the I in the second position so that the list would look like this

I Cat
D Dog
I Mouse
I Food

So some how get all the positions and then do like

for (position 1){
change the imageview

But i still want the first listview to be the default how can i change the icon of just one row? Thank you for any help

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What's your underlying data structure that you're binding to? If it's a Cursor you could call notifyChange on a Content resolver to let the adapter know the data has been updated.

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Ended up doing this

ImageView imageView = (ImageView) lView.getChildAt(position).findViewById(R.id.checkbox);
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