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I turn arround with my problem and search everywhere how to fix it.

The context : Jquery | validate plugin | remote rule => check if email already exist.

MY BUG : after a remote check and email good to go => return '1' true , I submit and do my ajax stuff , the json response is with a 1 in front like that : 1{"response":"success","msg":"good"},

I'm sure this '1' come from the remote rule for the email (I tried without the remote rule and it works fine) , my problem I don't know how to clear this value to have a clear json value. so here is my javascript .

$(document).ready(function()    {

 function jq_msg(data, scrollTopValue, TimeoutValue)    {
        $("html,body").animate({scrollTop: scrollTopValue},"slow");
        if(TimeoutValue > 0) {
            setTimeout("$(\"#jq_msg\").slideUp(\"slow\")", TimeoutValue);


  submitHandler: function(form) {

                url:        "welcome/signup",
                cache:      false,
                type:       "post",
                data:       $("#form").serialize(),
                dataType:   "json",
                success:    function(data)  {
                    if(data.response == "success") {
                        /*setTimeout("window.location = http://kit.xubraz.com/about", 3000);*/
                    else {



  rules: {  
  email: {required:true,email: true,remote:{url:"welcome/checkuserexist",type:"post"}},
  password: {required:true,minlength:5},
  passconf: {required:true,minlength:5,equalTo:'#password'},

  messages: {
  email: {required:"Email address required",email: "Valid email address required",remote: "This email already exist,You already have an account"},  
  password: {required: "Password required",minlength:"min 10 caracters"},  
  passconf: {equired:"retype your password",minlength:"min 10 caracters",equalTo:'this password confirmation is different'},



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Where did {"response":"success","msg":"good"} come from? –  tiltdown Oct 27 '11 at 1:23
What about your server-side code; i.e. welcome/checkuserexist? If the remote check is disabled, then it's probably your server-side code; e.g. a stray print() or echo() somewhere? –  Wayne Khan Oct 27 '11 at 1:44
he message come from the server after a submit and a valid form , I return => json_encode(array('response'=>'success','msg' => 'good' )); on the welcome/checkuserexist => I return an echo TRUE or FALSE , that's it – –  Toto le Heros Oct 27 '11 at 15:02
Ok , my apologize, my bad , I'm working with codeigniter and in my form_validation.php array in the rules I did a callback so the callback send a true/false value this is the value I get all the time when it's true(1). So I found out ... sorry for your time again. –  Toto le Heros Oct 27 '11 at 17:37

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