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I have this Unit Test file:

class WebsiteCheckPageElements < Test::Unit::TestCase

def setup

def test_achievements_iknow_report_page

def test_achievements_daily_report_page

def test_client_side_report_page

I need to write a ruby script that will write the names of the tests to .txt file. Something like


Thank you in advance for the suggestions.

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Why is this tagged "ruby-on-rails"? – Andrew Grimm Oct 27 '11 at 2:34
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You could use a simple script that uses regular expressions to print the lines that match def:

match_test_methods.rb'your_unit_test_file.rb').each_line do |line|
  match = line.match(/def (.+)/)
  puts match[1] if match

Then put the result of the script in a .txt file

ruby match_test_methods.rb > test_methods.txt
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Great! Works perfectly! Thanks, Alex!!! – Yulia Oct 27 '11 at 1:55

A more robust way than the other answer:"test_methods.txt", "w") do |f|
  WebsiteCheckPageElements.instance_methods.each do |method|
    f << "#{method}\n"

This will actually use the Ruby runtime and will not fall subject to accidentally matching def in places where it is not defining a method (such as inside a String), it will not match other classes in the file and it will correctly read the inheritance hierarchy.

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