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I have a ftp server act as public file repository. A-app can upload file to the server and B-app can download file from the server. If B-app try to download the file which one be uploading by A-app ,file length would be incorrect. I wanna lock the file which be uploading to block downloading apps before uploading completed. Anyone can help me?

I'm developing on .NetFramework.

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If you're writing both applications, you can do it any way you want.

You can have the upload application write files into a staging area and only move them into the area the download application accesses when it's done. You can create a shared table of locked files stored in a text file. You can use your platform's file locking.

You can do it however you want -- just code what you want.

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In your server, when a file is being uploaded, you can create the file stream as such:

FileStream localFile = new FileStream(Path, FileMode.Create, FileShare.None)

The term FileShare.None will prevent anything else, including your sofware, from opening the file until localFile.Close() or localFile.Dispose() is called. If someone tries to download the file before it's closed, an exception will be thrown.

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It's depressed that upload app can be various - ThirdParty Client or Someone's service for example. I can only control my download app. I want to have the download app check modified date of file, is it viable? –  Domi.Zhang Oct 27 '11 at 2:42

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