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Google announced the Analytics Data Export API some days ago, thereby making it much easier to get analytics data for a site. The API debuted with Java and Javascript clients, but no direct .Net support (other than going straight for the XML). It seems the API is similar to the other Google Data APIs though, and there's a .Net client for those. Has anyone tried using the components in that library to get at the analytics data?

I'm in the process of building an ASP.Net MVC site and thought I'd use Google Analytics to generate "Most viewed" lists and stuff like that (since Google is probably better at weeding out spurious requests, robots, etc.). If you have any thoughts on that idea, I'd much appreciate hearing them too.

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I've started writing one. It was going to eventually be a Linq-to-Google Analytics, but I've stowed that one. For now it will be a simple wrapper, should be another day or two and I'll post an early version –  DaRKoN_ Apr 30 '09 at 3:50
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Check the trunk of Google's .NET library, they have added Analytics support.

Also check their groups post on this:




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Check out my post location here: http://www.akamarketing.com/blog/103-introducing-google-analytics-api-with-aspnet-c.html

It's not using the built in library you mention but it's working pretty well. The whole API is XML/HTTP so it's pretty handy to use. You basically ask Google for a webpage and examine the response for what you need.

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Google has release a new breed of Apis which are listed at Google Api Explorer, you can see the entry for Google Analytics. And there is a .Net client which provides .dlls for all of these Apis. This is Google so it is still in Beta but I'm developing off it with no issues.

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I am receiving "You do not have permission to execute this method." when I run data.ga.get method with asked parameters. Could you please tell me if you encountered the same problem? –  mko Jan 11 '12 at 21:40
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