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$config['hostname'] = '';
$config['username'] = 'test';
$config['password'] = '12345678';
$config['port']     = 21;
$config['passive']  = FALSE;
$config['debug']    = TRUE; 
$conn           = $this->ftp->connect($config);


I want to transfer from ftp1 to ftp2 not the same domain.

Return error below using codeigniter version 2

An Error Was Encountered
Unable to locate the source file. Please check your path.

I already try rename the file using the same path its works. but when I transfer from ftp1 to ftp2 different domain it will not work.

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You can't transfer files from ftp1 to ftp2 without using interim location, your algorithm is: download from ftp1 to local, upload from local to ftp2

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