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Hello I have the following

List & ListItems

given @list, I want in the model, to loop through all the associated list_items as follows:

def update_items
    @list.list_items.each do |list_item|
  return items

Inside the loop I want to update each list_item but not save to the db. But pass a build record set to the controller to then save.

Is this possible somehow?


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What have you tried, and how does it fail? You can simply change the attributes of list_item without saving, and to an object.build... to build the objects. What else do you need? –  jefflunt Oct 27 '11 at 3:55
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Model List

def updated_list_items
     self.list_items.each do |list_item|
          # here you manipulate each item

Controller ListsController

@list_items = List.find(params[:id]).updated_list_items
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