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I am trying to use the nexus REST api to get the latest version of a maven artifact. I am able to browse to the specific version I am looking for using http://repo.local/service/local/data_index?a=local-turbogears-server&from=0&g=com.turbo&c=bin&v=1.1.9 and if I remove the version parameter I can see every version. However when I try and use RELEASE or LATEST as the version then it returns zero results. I checked the maven-metadata.xml on disk in nexus and there are entries for latest and release. Is there another step I need to take to return the latest version?

I am currently using:

Nexus v. 1.9.2

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The following URL will retrieve the latest version of log4j:


Documented here

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I was able to download the latest version of the artifact by replacing local/data_index? with local/artifact/maven/redirect? and adding a repository parameter. Also thanks for the link to the documentation =) –  chrisst Oct 27 '11 at 23:08
what if the artifact is not a jar file? I have published an Android aar library –  Dean Wild Jul 15 at 11:50
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