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i am using active perl 5.12 for 32 bit windows XP laptop.i want to install DFA::Simple or DFA::Command module to create a finite state machine.i tried installing from ppm repositories using ppm install [ppmx file] but it didn't install properly.please suggest me any other method which would be better to insrall or any other perl module which can be used to crate a simple state machine.

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Are DFA::Simple and DFA::Command on CPAN? –  Alexandr Ciornii Oct 27 '11 at 11:15

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Download it. Then do from command prompt:

perl Makefile.pl.
dmake test
dmake install

DFA::Simple module was deleted from CPAN, but you should be able to find it on backpan.

P.S. You can download dmake on CPAN. You may use nmake instead of dmake.

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DFA::Simple is on github at https://github.com/gitpan/DFA-Simple.

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