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is there a delegate method in iOS when an application is about to be remove? I'm trying to send to server that the device will no longer receive notification.

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No. There is no delegate method which fires when the app is being deleted.

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satisfied, thanks :D –  bluezald Oct 27 '11 at 5:36

What you can do is, When ever you send a notification from server if app is installed than app should response back that I am alive and installed. If you send notification and app will not send you back Alive response that means app is uninstalled.

Just a thought

However there is one problem, What if device is switched off? Wait for experts to discuss about this more. :)

Worth Checking :


Issues with Using the Feedback Service If you remove your app from your device or computer and then send a push notification to it, you would expect to have the device token rejected, and the invalidated device token should appear on the feedback service. However, if this was the last push-enabled app on the device or computer, it will not show up in the feedback service. This is because deleting the last app tears down the persistent connection to the push service before the notice of the deletion can be sent.

You can work around this by leaving at least one push-enabled app on the device or computer in order to keep the persistent connection up. To keep the persistent connection to the production environment up, just install any free push-enabled app from the App Store and you should then be able to delete your app and see it appear in the feedback service.

Recall that each push environment has its own persistent connection. So to keep the persistent connection to the sandbox environment up, install another development push-enabled app.

Above quoted from link.

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