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suppose i have one js variable and my html data is stored into it like

var data = '<div id="tst">here will be my othere html</div>'

in this case can i determine that what would be height & width of div tst using jquery?

one guy give me solution like

var $test = $(data).appendTo('body');
var size;

 size = {
     height: $test.height(),
     width: $test.width()

but the above code looks bit complicated. if anyone know easy solution then please give me a sample code to do so. thanks

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You need not use the .setTimeOut(). –  TheSuperTramp Oct 27 '11 at 6:09

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This code is enough:

//put html from variable at the end of <body>
var $test = $(data).appendTo('body');

//determine height and width and put into one variable for convenience
var size = {
   height: $test.outerHeight(),
   width: $test.outerWidth()

Please note that it isn't even necessary to use size. You could put it into 2 variables widthand height. It is merely a personal preference.

Also note that I prefer to use .outerHeight()and .outerWidth() because the regular .width()/.height() don't count the border. It's up to you to decide which ones you actually need ;)

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You could do this

on document ready the height will be what you define it here from the ID

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#tst").css({'height' : '100px'});
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