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Does anybody know any FTP package that is working correctly under .NET 2.0 Compact Framework? I've tried:

  • OpennNetCF
  • 32feet's In The Hand: they are same, 530 return code
  • ftp24cp: desktop version works w/ active but does not works in passive mode

My ftp server is simple ftp w/ default port, username and password. I can do all with Total Commander even passive or active mode. DOS version ftp also working fine, I can upload anything via command line. All of the above packages connecting fine but the upload attempt gives error.

In the code:

  • setting new ftp object
  • set the connected event to my own handler
  • set credentials
  • connect
  • in connected event handler start the upload
  • close connection

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.

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what kind of error does it actually give you? – ytg Oct 27 '11 at 13:45
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There is (commercial) SecureBlackbox library, which supports FTP (and lot of other stuff) for .NET CF 2.0, check it out. Unfortunately, I do not know any other free/opensource alternatives.

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