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I have an application built with Visual Studio 2008. I have converted this to Visual Studio 2010. I do not want to change the framework version. So it's targeted to .NET version 3.5. Now I put this project on TFS 2010. But there is no option of "Add Solution to Source Control". I have already set up TFS 2010 server. I just need to add this application on TFS. Whether this is possible or not?

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.net version is not relevant here, TFS should work.

It seems you have a problem adding your solution to TFS source control, load your solution to VS & go to "File">"Source Control" ~> isn't there an option "Add to source control"?

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I have not found Source Control at File > Source Control, but found at Team Explorer. Which tells me to select the Plug-in Selection from Tools > Options. At here I just select "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server" from drop down then everything seems to work fine. Thanks for your great hint. –  user960567 Oct 27 '11 at 7:39
Glad to be helpful! You might also want to consider placing @flysakura answer as your accepted solution instead of mine. –  pantelif Oct 27 '11 at 8:07

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