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I have a post id (obtained from the Graph API), can I generate a URL which will display this post in Facebook's interface?

Seems there should be something like ...

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You want to manually construct a permalink given only the post ID?

The Graph API for a post ID returns the URLs the user should go to to comment on or like the post, assuming the viewing user has permission to do so.

Example: GET{access token here}

Snipped some of the fields of the response, but you're looking for 'actions':

  "id": "19292868552_10150189643478553", 
  "from": {
    "name": "Facebook Platform", 
    "category": "Product/service", 
    "id": "19292868552"

  // removed fields from response

  "actions": [
      "name": "Comment", 
      "link": ""
      "name": "Like", 
      "link": ""
      "name": "Share", 
      "link": ""
  // Snipped rest of response

In general, the format of a permalink seems to be:{source id}/posts/{post object id} (Source ID being the user or page ID where the post is)

You can't definitely reply on that URL format always being the same; the API response should be always accurate though

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