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I am working on rails functional testing automation with the help of capybara and selenium. We need to make use of xpath widely here and I am very new with xpath.

  1. Is the xpath used by cpaybara is different from the general xpath?
  2. How can we debug the error with xpath, is there any tool like firebug to make sure that the xpath is correct?( I know we can get the xpath from firebug using 'copy xpath' link, but that does not seems to be working).

Right now am stuck with the following error,

Failure/Error: find(:xpath, '//div[@class="comment"]/div/div/div/ul/li/a[@title="Delete"]').click

Any help is highly appreciated...

Edit: Edited the syntax error from the above code.

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You can try a contains function within the last anchor as an alternative

//div[@class="comment"]/div/div/div/ul/li/a[contains(text(), "Delete"]

To verify XPath checkout the XPath Visualizer


More details at this SO question

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