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I'm sure this has been asked quite some times however after quite some time searching for a solution I have finally resorted to asking a question here!

I am working on an HTML Help file for an application I am developing, where the file is split into two sections. One, a sidebar (floated to the left) and two, the main content section (also floating left).

The problem I am facing is that when the main content extends beyond 100% of the page height, the sidebar background stops.

I would use the faux column effect where I assign the a background image of my sidebar however to maintain my design's integrity I have to set a different background image for the body.

Check out this JS Fiddle I set up - http://jsfiddle.net/5gpFx/

Hopefully that can help you see what the issue is if I failed to communicate it well enough!


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Just wrap both columns in a container and set the faux-column background on that - this way the body will be available for setting whatever image you want. I've made a simple example here: http://jsfiddle.net/5gpFx/2/

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