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In my application I need to resize and make the quality on PNG files poorer.

In full size the PNGs are 3100x4400px using 2,20MB disk space.

When running the following command:

convert -resize 1400 -quality 10 input.png output.png

the images are resized to 1400x2000 using 5,33MB disk space.

So my question is: How can I reduce the file size?

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Help page says, that -quality option used with PNG sets the compression level for zlib, where (roughly) 0 is the worst compression, 100 - is the best (default is 75). So try to set -quality to 100 or even remove the option.

Another method is to specify PNG:compression-level=N, PNG:compression-strategy=N and PNG:compression-filter=N to achieve even better results.


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Quality 100 does not exist for PNG in imagemagick –  syockit Apr 26 '13 at 1:27

I found that the best way was to use the

- density [value] 


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  1. You can further reduce quality of PNG by using posterization:


    This is lossy operation that allows zlib to compress better.

  2. Convert image to PNG8 using pngquant. It reduces images to 256 colors, so quality depends on type of image.

  3. Use optipng and AdvPNG to re-compress images better. This is lossless and recommended for all images if you have CPU cycles to spare.

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