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It doesn't work, if I try to add a new entry to my dictionary (plist). Editing is no problem. I think the problem is, how I try to add the entry.

If I remove the lines starting with "setObject", it returns YES.

my code looks like:

 NSMutableDictionary *updateDict = [[self.plist objectForKey:@"comments"]mutableCopy];

 NSMutableDictionary *tmpDict = [[[NSMutableDictionary alloc]init]autorelease];  
 [tmpDict setObject:comment forKey:@"comment"];
 [tmpDict setObject:author forKey:@"author"];
 [tmpDict setObject:car forKey:@"car"];
 [tmpDict setObject:part forKey:@"part"];
 [tmpDict setObject:date forKey:@"date"];

 [updateDict setObject:tmpDict forKey:[NSNumber numberWithInt:[updateDict count]+1]];

 [self.plist setObject:updateDict forKey:@"comments"];
 if([self.plist writeToFile:self.plistPath atomically:YES]) {
return YES;
 else {
     return NO;

self.plist is my local copy of the file at plistPath. the structure of my plist looks like:


I'm developing for iOS 5.0 on the iPad.

hope this helps

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