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i just upgraded my system to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and now everytime I attempt to run my application in the debugger, I get a crash in aapt.exe.

If I just build, it builds fine, but when I go to run it in the debugger, aapt.exe crashes (which pops up a dialog and asks me if I want to send data to Microsoft) and my project icon in Project_Explorer shows that it has error(s).

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There is a known issue in AAPT for r15, try to change the build output to normal
AAPT crashes on Windows in some cases when the build output is set to verbose.

The workaround is to set

Eclipse > Preferences > Android > Build > Build Output

to less than Verbose, e.g. Normal.We have a fix, which will be available in tools 16. [Issue 20395]

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In my case this solution doesn't work (Build Output), so I had to think. The problem was with .9.png files (bitmaps with my spinner). I deleted it and aapt.exe works fine.

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I got same issue with ADT 16.0.1 (released: December 2011). Error occurred when executing C:\android-sdk\platform-tools\aapt.exe crunch -v -S C:\Do... and Windows shows an exception thrown from aapt.exe.

Then a 0-byte <myproject>.apk has been created. And Eclipse shows error ...resources.ap_ file not found....

BTW, i am using up-to-date (as of today) Eclipse, android-sdk and ADT.

But my problem was solved just by changing build output to normal as described in the above solution.

I am also suggesting to change the question title.

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