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I try to update ads group with batch request. Everything is going fine if not add image_file param but when add it return an error.

My ad_specs;

Array ( [method] => post [relative_url] => 6003452316521?name=ReklamGrubu915&max_bid=50&bid_type=1&targeting={"gender":["1","2"],"age_min":"30","age_max":"40","countries":["TR"],"keywords":["#Nike, Inc."],"cities":[{"name":"Istanbul"},{"name":"Ankara"},{"name":"Izmir"}]}&creative={"title":"Ev Yemekleri","body":"Evde harika lezzetler!","link_url":"http://www.xxxxx.com/dealer.php?kat=334","image_file":"img17.jpg"} )

And also add image to batch_params

$batch_params['img17.jpg'] = '/var/www/images/img17.jpg'

i send it but its return this error;

Error 1487242 - Image Resize Failed - the getimagesize function returned false

If i remove image_file param every update is going fine so batch request true. Image file exist in right directory. i try to change image_file params to 'attached_files'. Then there is no errors looking everything went right, return data is true but i see facebook ads manage page there is no image change?

Any ideas ? May its a bug please help ? I am using PHP SDK.

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you may be able to try the object tag in html and then set the image size using height="200px" width="200px" change the 200 accordingly I.E <object –  CS_STEM Oct 14 '13 at 1:52

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