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I've just been asked to write an SSRS report that displays data like so:

Date 1    |  Date 2   |
O | C | A | O | C | A |
1 | 2 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 6 |

Date 1 / 2 etc will continue for each day in a selcted date range, this will most likely be the current month, I can return this data within the stored procedure so this really shouldnt be much of an issue.

O / C / A are sub headers within each day, my main problem here is how to get O C A as sub headers within each header as shown above, and also how should I return this data from my stored procedure.

My thoughts were to return the data looking like:

Date | O | C | A

But can SSRS rearange this data into the format I need?

I assume I will need to use the matrix control as I have a variable number of columns but other than this I'm not really sure how I need to approach this problem.

Any advice would be great


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Get your data in the form

Date1 | O | 1

Date1 | C | 2

Date1 | A | 5

Date2 | O | 4

Date2 | C | 5

Date2 | A | 6

from SQL-Server. Then follow the instructions from this question to build your matrix:

Column and Row grouping in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

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Cool thanks, never tried this before should be interesting :D –  Purplegoldfish Oct 27 '11 at 11:33

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