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Is there any analog of django context processors in turbogears2? In tg1 was stdvars, but not in tg2 anymore.

Explaining: I need to have some template tags, avaible on each page, without obvious declaring in each controller.

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You have three possible solutions to achieve this.

First you can use tg.tmpl_context which is available inside every template as tmpl_context. You can fill the variables inside the BaseController.__call__ so that they are available everywhere.

Another approach is to register base_config.variable_provider inside which must be a function that returns a dictionary of variables that will be available inside any template. Those variables will be overridden from the controller returned ones if there is a name collision, so it is a good way to provide defaults for controller returned variables.

Otherwise in recent versions it is also possible to register the before_render hook systemwide using base_config.register_hook inside the callback can append and override any template parameter.

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base_config.variable_provider is new to me, too! – moschlar Jul 19 '13 at 13:42

I'm not sure if this would be the best way of doing it but you could add the following to app_globals.Global:

from genshi.core import Markup = lambda: Markup("<div>my content here!!!</div>")

and then in your your templates:


or you could do it via an ajax request...

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