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I'm struggling to get a handle on licensing issues regarding displaying directions on top of an MKMapKitView. A lot of the information is stale or contradictory. Does anyone have recent experience in this?

I am creating an application, part of which displays an arbitrary number of annotations on an MKMapkitView. I then need to show walking directions from the phone's current location to each of the annotations in order. I.E. Current Location > Annotation 1 > Annotation 2 > Annotation 3.

Is this still something of a grey area as far as licensing issues? Does anyone have any experience of AppStore approval / rejection?

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have you got answer –  Amit Battan Jan 18 '12 at 9:35
Emailed Google twice outlining my proposed use but no reply. –  Pedr Jan 18 '12 at 21:59

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What you described is technically turn-by-turn navigation (you direct the user in every checkpoint), so the license agreement doesn't really allow it.

I'd try to send a mail to someone from Google, and ask if what you're doing in your app is ok or not. They'll probably ask for some screenshots (if they answer you). If you get a positive answer from them, don't forget to copy-paste it in the 'reviewer notes' field when you upload your app to the store, so the Apple reviewers will know that you got permission to do it.

So my tip is to ask someone competent from Google or Apple and be patient.

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