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I have the following problem. I have an application (3rd party) that needs to connect to API via a proxy to request various data again and again. The application has a configuration section where the necessary details can be entered (the app then stores them in a config.ini file). However, one client doesn't like the proxy user/password to be stored in config files;

As I don't have access to the application's code, the simplest solution I can think of is something along the lines of a tunnel, i.e. write a simple app/script that would open a connection to the proxy, prompts the user for the username/password and then keep the connection open so that the application can access the proxy without needing username/password everytime. Is something like this possible? I mean I don't to create sort of full blown proxy that would sit between the app and the real proxy server, all I really want is something like a session so that once the IP is authorized to get through the proxy, the consequent requests go through as well.

I'd appreciate help and/or any suggestions for an alternate solution

p.s. the app is win32 only so the solution is for win32 only as well (ie no cygwin, etc.)

Thank you

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Proxy credential caching typically works on a per-process basis, not a per-machine basis. So, having Application A make a request through the proxy rarely allows Application B to make a request without getting challenged.

If you can change the application's code, make a single request through the proxy using the desired credentials; e.g. make a HEAD request for your server's homepage. Most HTTP stacks (e.g. WinINET) will cache the proxy credentials for the life of the process.

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