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I have a table, we'll call TableA and contains the following 3 columns with data

Col1   Col2   Col3
a      b      c
a      b      c
d      e      f
g      h      i
g      h      i
g      h      i

I want to return a record set that looks like this:

Col1   Col2   Col3   Total
a      b      c      2
d      e      f      1
g      h      i      3

Duplicate rows are only returned once along with the count of their occurrences. Not sure how to formulate the sql. Thanks for your help!

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Try this:

SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3, COUNT(*) AS Total
GROUP BY Col1, Col2, Col3
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Short and sweet. Thanks a million! –  AndroidDev Oct 27 '11 at 9:50

use subquery .

select  a1.col1
        , a1.col2
        , a1.col3
        , (select count(*) 
           from   tableA a2 
           where  a2.col1=col1 
                  and a2.col2=col2 
                  and a2.col3=col3) as count
from    tableA a1 
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You should be adding a DISTINCT clause to make this work but in the end, there really is no need for all this. A simple GROUP BY is sufficient. –  Lieven Keersmaekers Oct 27 '11 at 9:48

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