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I have created a test app that can recognize some image using Goggle Goggles. It works for me, but I receive binaryt protobuf response. I have no proto-files, just binary response. How can I get data from it? (Have sent some image with bottle of bear and got the nex response):

TuborgLogo9 HoaniText���;�)b���2d8e991bff16229f6"�

need to get string "Tuborg" and if possible type - "Logo"

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What languages do you have at your disposal? there are decoding-stream-readers available in most implementations. I worry, however, about how that data has been encoded. Do you have the actual byte[] data? (I ask re the question, as that looks like badly-encoded (aka corrupt) data) –  Marc Gravell Oct 27 '11 at 10:50
no, data is ok. I have read response as byte[] array and it jusrt String representation os this data. Below is another response for image with Steve Jobs name: Z Steve Jobs Text # Manifesto da Morto Similar Image???;?~Ui4{C~27e437b3469557e98"? +TR=T=2NKSRNijdzY:X=Op9HS:S=Q5E2GgGTn2FHbvXR +TR=T=-hAbOrM2yME:X=Op9HS:S=XJ0SUV2EWG1A2Z7O +TR=T=4fEn46Y2-xM:X=Op9HS:S=xIk9lP93EkhBQroz +TR=T=-s6bJFuLuRo:X=Op9HS:S=cPnqT3_nWM61zYnv +TR=T=2hSkrpEoO10:X=Op9HS:S=jsH5Uv1-X9WMQNoN? –  Igor Oct 31 '11 at 9:18
"jusrt String representation os this data" the only "string representations" that could make sense here are: base-64 or hex-encoding. It looks like you are running that through UTF-8 or something, which is not valid and will lose data. Also, and I repeat: what languages do you have at your disposal? –  Marc Gravell Oct 31 '11 at 9:22
I'm using JAVA, here is link to my code (converted it from C# sample) prodroid.com.ua/?p=385 Thanks! –  Igor Nov 1 '11 at 8:17
if the response is binary, you cannot use readLine - that is incorrect and will totally corrupt the data. You must read it as binary. –  Marc Gravell Nov 1 '11 at 8:23

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I'm going to assume the real question is how to decode protobufs and not how to read binary from the wire using Java.

The answer to your question can be found here

Briefly, on the wire, protobufs are encoded as 3-tuples of <key,type,value>, where the key is the field number assigned to the field in the .proto schema. The type is one of <Varint, int32, length-delimited, start-group, end-group,int64>. It contains just enough information to decode the value of the 3-tuple, namely it tells you how long the value is.

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You can decode with protoc:

protoc --decode_raw < msg.bin
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how can we do this same thing in java programmatically? –  Faraz Ahmad Mar 21 at 9:19

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