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I use buffer-menu extensively to switch between buffers. I want to list the buffers which are files or dired. How can I do that?

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You can use ibuffer

There you can define your buffer groups. You can mark buffers, use filtering and sorting, do search/replace in marked buffers and other useful stuff.

For your case just put into the hook (ibuffer-filter-by-filename ".")

Here is an example from my .emacs .

(require 'ibuffer)

(setq ibuffer-saved-filter-groups
      (quote (("default"
               ("dired" (mode . dired-mode))
               ("java" (mode . java-mode))
               ("org" (mode . org-mode))
               ("sql" (mode . sql-mode))
               ("xml" (mode . nxml-mode))))))    

(setq ibuffer-show-empty-filter-groups nil)

(add-hook 'ibuffer-mode-hook 
 (lambda () 
  (ibuffer-switch-to-saved-filter-groups "default")
  (ibuffer-filter-by-filename "."))) ;; to show only dired and files buffers

EDIT. If you want to filter out temporary buffers (which name begins with *) you can set the following filter (regex)

(ibuffer-filter-by-name "^[^*]")

It says that the buffer name should start with any character except *.

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I like this one. But (ibuffer-filter-by-filename ".") is also filtering out dired buffers. –  Sabya Nov 2 '11 at 5:18
In ibuffer window you can see three columns. I set a filter that this column's value should be not empty (which is the case for dired buffers and files). What is shown in your case in the Filename/process column for dired buffers? –  Oleg Pavliv Nov 2 '11 at 21:30
I see 4 columns: "MR", "Name", "Size", "Mode", "Filename/process". In the "Filename/process" column I see "~/Dropbox/" for a dired buffer. –  Sabya Nov 3 '11 at 6:52
I think it'll be easier if I can exclude all buffers starting with a "*". Is there any way to do that? –  Sabya Nov 3 '11 at 6:53
Yes, please see my EDIT in the answer –  Oleg Pavliv Nov 3 '11 at 7:49

Buffer Menu+ has what you want. It treats Dired buffers like file buffers, so when you use C-u C-x C-b (either list-buffers or buffer-menu) you get only Dired and file buffers.

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Calling buffer-menu with a prefix argument (C-u M-x buffer-menu) will list only buffers which are visiting files. Unfortunately I can't see an easy way to include dired in that list.

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