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I have the following case: I am developing a component, which I intend to use by Struta 2 <s:component> tag. The tag I am developing is a column header in a List form. The parameter I am passing to the component is the column name. What I want to do and do not exactly know how to do is check if the list is sorted by the particular column. In the action class I have a Map which holds the sortings of the List, but I don't know how to access it dynamically. This works:

<s:if test="%{sortingKey['id'] == 0}">
  //show ascending sorting for example

This does not work:

<s:if test="%{sortingKey['%{parameters.fieldName}'] == 0}">
  //show ascending sorting for example
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Since the parameter is already a string, you should just be able to use:

<s:if test="%{sortingKey[parameters.fieldName] == 0}">

I'm not sure what the rest of your tag is doing, but I'd use boolean to indicate a true/false value.

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