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Are there free C/C++ and Java implementations of the point-to-point protocol (PPP) for use over a serial line? The C/C++ implementation will go into embedded hardware so portability is a concern. I'm not looking for a full TCP/IP stack, just something to provide a connection-oriented base to build on top of.

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did you try googling for "ppp open source"? –  anon Apr 26 '09 at 19:51
Google seems to be a magical beast. Your search terms brought up better results than my own. Thanks! –  Gili Apr 27 '09 at 2:34

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The one used in most Linux-based systems is in C and is named Paul's PPP Package.

FreeBSD has a completely different one, also written in C, but I have no experience with it.

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This looks great. Thanks! The only snag is that every source file has its own license (no joke) so I'll have to go one by one to figure out what licensing I am obligating myself to. –  Gili Apr 27 '09 at 2:36

In linux I use chat and pppd for using ppp over serial line in linux. ( Adding a gprs modem to get internet connection )

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I found a library named TINI that includes a ppp java implementation

And more description here

Hope it helps

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If I understand maxim-ic.com/products/tini/software/soft_order.cfm correctly, TINI may only be used if you purchase hardware from the parent company (Dallas). In short, I don't think I can use this software library. –  Gili Apr 27 '09 at 2:28

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