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I'm trying to write a tool for converting photoshop gradients to css gradients using sass/compass. From what I've read the .grd is a proprietary format for which documentation is not available. Would the built in scripting be able to get at this info?

EDIT: here is a link to the scripting docs (I couldn't find anything)


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If you don't mind the command-line, then cptutils can do this. If not, then this online version may do what you want.

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Been searching for a while to find something for this. All I came up with is Which is awesome in it's own right.

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its a great tool for creating css gradients

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there are lots of css generators, but im trying to export gradients from existing psds. – ilia choly Nov 10 '11 at 1:01
i see, sorry i misunderstood the question. – David Morrow Nov 17 '11 at 21:55

Just use the gradient on an object and get the hexadecimal value of the polarities.

I do not see the advantage of the tool you're describing. However, see if this link helps. Found in a related article how to read .grd file.

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