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I am running selenium tests using TestNG programatically. I want to run test methods in sequence that i mention.

Its like attribute preserve-order="true" if we use for TestNG.XML. Similar functionality how can i achive it without using TestNG.XMl.

setTestNames is not working

TestNG tng= new TestNG();

tng.setTestClasses(new Class[] { A.class});


A.class is having class level @Test specified . So all methods in that class are testcases. So Testng executing all methods in A. I want to run in sequence as they appear in the class.

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In testNg you can use

@Test(priority = 1)

and them change this to all the methods to keep the order you want like

@Test(priority = 2)
@Test(priority = 3)

Another solution would be the use of

@Test(dependsOnMethods = { "serverStartedOk" }) as stated in TestNG docs.

I searched TestNG docs and I cannot see an easy way to do what you want using annotatios...

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But i am doing a selenium framework. So it should be generic. above approch dynamically we can't put in order of execution. But i am able to achive using IMethodInterceptor. I will take setof methods from excel sheet before implementiong IMethodInterceptor. Thanks for your concern. – kishore Oct 31 '11 at 10:23

Without a testng.xml, the easiest way to do this is probably to implement your own IMethodInterceptor.

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Yes. Finally i am able to implement IMethodInterceptor. Thanks to all – kishore Oct 31 '11 at 10:20

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